Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans (formerly Arthrobacter nicotinovorans, Arthrobacter oxidans) is a coryneform bacteria able to grow on nicotine as sole carbon and nitrogen source due to the presence of the 165 kb megaplasmid pAO1. The megaplasmid was sequenced and contains 2 major gene clusters: one related to nicotine metabolism and a second cluster forming an operon related to sugar catabolism.

The pAO1 catabolic megaplasmid of Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans (shades of blue - genes related to nicotine uptake and utilization, green - xylose catabolism related genes, red - recombination related genes, white - unknown function)

I am mainly focused on the molecular biology of the pAO1 megaplasmid related to the defense mechanism against nicotine-generated oxidative stress, sugar-catabolism and biotechnological applications.

Using a unique combination of BLAST searches, protein modeling and in-silico docking I identified putative substrates for the pAO1 coded sugar-operon. The selected compounds were experimentally tested and xylose was identified as the physiological substrate.

The operon coding for a oxidative xylose-catabolic pathway on the pAO1 megaplasmid.

In the last couple of years I focused on the possible medical applications of the nicotine-derivatives produced by Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans. Using in-silico docking experiments, we tested the potential of nicotine and piridine derivatives produces by this bacteria to bind nAchR and identified 6-Hydroxy-Nicotine (6HNic)  as a potential ligand. In collaboration with  dr. Lucian Hritcu we showed that indeed  6HNic is able to modulate the function of nAChRs and sustain spatial memory formation in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease. Currently we are working on a biotechnological method to produce and isolate 6HNic using a genetically engineered  Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans strain.


Growing Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans in a 3L micro-fermenter.



  • PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-0177 - Steps towards an Arthrobacter nicotinovorans biotechnology for neuro-pharmaceuticals production

  • PN-II 50BM/2016 - Romania - P.R.P. China joint research project - Nicotine - from toxic residue to metabolic derivatives with neuroprotective effects

  • PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0106 – Effects of 6-hydroxy-nicotine on chlorisondamine-induced oxidative stress and neurotoxicity: relevance for Alzheimer’s disease

  • GI-2014-02 – Internal Research grant awarded by the Alexandru I Cuza University of Iaşi

  • TD-236 research grant, Molecular implications of the pAO1 megaplasmid for the Arthrobacter nicotinovorans

  • PD-337 research grant, Cloning and characterization of ORF32 and ORF40 from the pAO1 megaplasmid of Arthrobacter nicotinovorans -potential protein-tagatose interactions models


Selected publications



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  • Dr. Costel C. Darie Biochemistry and Proteomics Group, Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, USA - kindly accepted me as a Fulbright Fellow for 6 month and provided lab space, reagents, instruments for solving the nicotine induced proteome of Arthrobacter nicotinovorans

Dr. Darie's group after an department, spring 2017. From left to right Dr. Darie, Kelly W., Roshi A., Devika C., Emma D. and Mr. Mihasan wearing the pig T-shirt.  

  •   Dr. Hongzhi Tang (Robert) and  Dr. Fei Tao, Group for Food & Environmental Micro-Biotechnol, State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Visiting the School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
From left to right, Dr. Fei Tao, Hritcu L., Olteanu Z., Stefan M, me, and Dr. Hongzhi Tang on the extreme right.

  • The group of prof. dr. Roderich Brandsch, Institut für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie kindly provided the Arthrobacter nicotinovorans pAO1+ and pAO1- strains, as well as various other E.coli strains, plasmids and reagents. The pAO1 megaplamid was sequenced by this group, so they also provided valuable information regarding the molecular biology of this catabolic plasmid.

Prof. dr. Roderich Brandsch explaining his art concept, September 2010, Freiburg (from left to right: dr. Marius Mihasan, prof. dr. Roderich Brandsch, dr. Eugen Ungureanu) 

  • All enzymes assays, enzyme kinetics and  sugar biochemistry problems are solved with the help of prof. dr. Vlad Artenie, Alexandru I Cuza University, Faculty of Biology 

  • Most of the microbiology related details and practical work involved in this project are closely discussed with associate professor habil. dr. Marius Stefan, Alexandru I Cuza University, Faculty of Biology.

Marius Stefan performing a CASP-3 assay, December 2010, Iasi.

  • Most of the problems dealing with manuscript writing ans submitting, neuroreceptors and transmitters are solved with the help of associate professor habil.  dr. Lucian Hritcu

Last  man standing - dr. Lucian Hritcu the last to leave the Auditorium at the EMBO Meeting 2011, Vienna, Austria

  • All bunch of adminstrative matters, as well as basic chemistry problems are closely discussed with associate professor dr. Zenovia Olteanu

Visiting students

Jaurès AK Noumedem, PhD student, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon, AUF ''Eugen Ionescu'' scholarship, 2011 Julie Reghem, master student, DUT “Genie Biologique”, ABB – Lille, Erasmus Placements, 2013 Victor Baumont, Bsc student, DUT “Genie Biologique”, ABB – Lille, Erasmus Placements, 2015




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